Apple: iPhone Pre-Order Experience Management

Ina Fried, Re/code:

In particular, Apple and all the major carriers appear to have sold through their preorder allotments of the larger iPhone 6 Plus with all quoting longer ship times for that model.

Not surprising, but this game is getting old.

Tom Warren, The Verge:

Apple’s online store in the US was down for two hours and 25 minutes, leaving customers who stayed up late rather frustrated.


All of the pre-order problems lead to the obvious question, why does Apple force its most loyal customers in its largest market to stay up super late to pre-order an iPhone?

Whichever team at Apple is responsible for scenario analysis and simulation for iPhone pre-order traffic, and the team preparing the IT infrastructure for the increased load dumb enough to listen to them, need to be fired. They have failed year after year to improve the pre-order experience for customers wanting to hand over their dollars for a new iPhone. This year both teams have failed again. I wonder why Apple has continued to execute so poorly in this area. Perhaps Cook needs to put on his supply chain management hat back on and focus on pre-order experience management.

Yes, I’m with Warren on this: How about we start pre-orders on a Saturday, around nine in the morning in California?