Tony Fadell: Glock, The Verb

Original image source: Fortune, by Bryce Duffy

Austin Carr, Co.Design:

Fadell pushed his team, much as he did at Apple. His reputation is for being intense, willing to go to war with Steve Jobs and his lieutenants over the development of the first-generation iPod and iPhone, and hard on his own troops. “The kiss of death at any of these product meetings — what would send Tony over the fucking moon — was when he went around the table asking how things are going, and you said, ‘Great!’” recalls one former Apple team member. “Tony would just lose his shit, because things are never going great.” (When one employee failed to live up to his standards, Fadell ordered a manager to fire the employee, saying, “You gotta Glock Glock that dude,” as he mimed shooting off a handgun. He was joking, but unapologetic.)