iPhone 6 > iPhone 6 Plus

Jordan Kahn, 9to5 Mac:

Fiksu and Mixpanel also offered data on iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus adoption following the first weekend of sales. Both show that iPhone 6 is outpacing iPhone 6 Plus quite significantly after the first few days in customers’ hands, but it’s quite likely that could be due to a much tighter supply of iPhone 6 Plus.

After hours and hours of waiting in line you finally get to the front: “I would like to buy a space grey iPhone 6 Plus, 64GB version please.” And the Apple clerk tells you they are out of the 6 Plus but has a space gray iPhone 6 with 64GB. What do you do? Do you go out of the Apple Store empty handed, after waiting all those countless hours? Or do you get the 6? The answer, for almost everyone is: you get the 6.

And that is probably what is happening all throughout the U.S., right now. It is not that the iPhone 6 is more popular; the iPhone 6 is simply more available.