WALTR: Natively Playback Any Video File On iPhone, iPad

I test drove WALTR, and it is awesome. I had an AVI movie file, and normally there is no easy way to play it on my iPad. Here’s the hard way:

  • Install VLC on my iPad (if VLC is not installed already).
  • Connect iPad to my Mac.
  • Run iTunes (and wait a while).
  • Click on the iPad icon (and wait a while).
  • Go to the bottom, find the VLC icon, located the video files, and add files to VLC.
  • Sync (and wait a while).

Here’s the easy way:

  • Connect iPad to my Mac.
  • Run WALTR.
  • Locate and drag the video file to WALTR, and wait a little bit.

To watch the video on my iPad all I need to launch is the built-in Videos app. WALTR can playback a lot of video formats: MP4, AVI, M4V, M4A, FLAC, WMA, etc. Get it.