Verizon FIOS TV Channel Packs

Peter Kafka, Re/code:

An offer from Verizon that lets its Fios TV customers buy a “skinny bundle” of TV channels, and then augment it with a variety of “channel packs” — groups of networks with similar themes, like a sports pack that includes ESPN and Fox Sports — that they can swap out each month. They can also buy extra ones for $10 each.

Verizon’s “Double Play” base package includes TV (two Channel Packs) and 25 Mbps Internet for US$64.99 per month. From what I can glean from the diagram used in the Re/code article, the Sports Channel Pack seems to include NBCSN (NBC Sports Network), FOX Sports, and ESPN.

This is a step in the right direction. Remember the CD? About twelve songs per CD, with only one or two good songs, for around $12. The music industry knew we would buy the CD for those good songs, so they milked us. When Napster came around, it was abundantly clear we wanted two things. One, we want only the good songs. Two, we don’t want to get ripped off by having to buy an entire CD to get those good songs.

Verizon’s Channel Pack is a step in the right direction, but not exactly what we want, which is to pay only for the channels we want to watch.