Samsung Galaxy S6

Joshua Ho at AnandTech has a thorough review of the Samsung Galaxy S6. I will focus on two features: the display and the camera.

First, the display:

Overall, the display is still one of the best on the market, but I would be a bit concerned about fill factor for VR applications as that was a problem on the Note 4. Issues like purple smearing have been resolved, but there are still some problems with the display such as color shifting with changes to viewing angles and some variability in display quality from unit to unit. With this generation I suspect Samsung is either meeting or exceeding the best LCDs in quality, and with the next generation of AMOLED it’s likely that high end smartphones will have to migrate to AMOLED to remain competitive.

There is easily visible color shift at different viewing angles on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as well. Perhaps the Note 5 will solve some or all of these problems. But even with the color shift, the absolute blacks improve contrast so dramatically compared to a LCD, there is no going back for me. And the camera:

The fact that I can do this sort of detailed comparison between the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6 should speak volumes about just how good this camera actually is, compared to any Galaxy phone before the Galaxy Note 4. When it comes to flagship Android phones, the Galaxy S6 has the best camera, and there’s really nothing else to be said.

It isn’t surprising the Galaxy S6 sports a camera system about as good as the iPhone 6; Samsung had already achieved that with the Note 4. How good will the Note 5 be? And compared to the 6S? I’m already looking forward to Fall 2015 in anticipation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, because a smartphone without an active digitizer stylus is DOA in my book.