Sharp 5.5-inch 4K IGZO Display

phoneArena: That’s 3840×2160 pixels in landscape mode. And the resolution? 806 ppi. Sharp announced its 4K 5.5-inch IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxygen) display is scheduled for mass production in 2016.

Lots of pixels mean lots of thin film transistors or TFTs. When almost 8.3 million pixels are crammed into a 5.5-inch diagonal display there’s not a lot of room for photons to pass through those TFTs. So display manufacturers like Sharp need to make the backlight brighter, which sucks the battery dry more quickly. IGZO mitigates some of these challenges.

According to Sharp, IGZO has great electron mobility that leads to TFT miniaturization that in turn leads to higher light transmittance. And that means less pressure on making the backlight brighter.

Overkill? Absolutely. But a 5.5-inch smartphone with one of these displays will make text, images, and 4K videos look amazing.