How To Become A Billionaire

Justine Musk, Quora:

Shift your focus away from what you want (a billion dollars) and get deeply, intensely curious about what the world wants and needs. Ask yourself what you have the potential to offer that is so unique and compelling and helpful that no computer could replace you, no one could outsource you, no one could steal your product and make it better and then club you into oblivion (not literally). Then develop that potential. Choose one thing and become a master of it. Choose a second thing and become a master of that. When you become a master of two worlds (say, engineering and business), you can bring them together in a way that will a) introduce hot ideas to each other, so they can have idea sex and make idea babies that no one has seen before and b) create a competitive advantage because you can move between worlds, speak both languages, connect the tribes, mash the elements to spark fresh creative insight until you wake up with the epiphany that changes your life.

Good recommendation. I wouldn’t have thought, but these two words get along really well together: idea and sex.

Now, let’s do some math. According to Forbes, there are 1826 billionaires. The total population of the world according to the United States Census Bureau is 7.2 billion. The number of billionaires as a percentage of total population is 0.000025%. That’s very small. Becoming a billionaire is not a game of chance, but if it were, the chance of becoming one is about the same as zero.