Teachers + Technology

Peg Tyre shares four observations about blended learning:

  • There is no magic device that helps kids learn more.
  • For the most part, education software is worse than you think.
  • Tech-assisted personalized learning is not going to be the answer for every kid.
  • Technology-assisted personalized learning is not going to get rid of a central problem in American schooling: We are not training and retaining nearly enough great teachers.

Great teaching is not easy:

Master teachers are something like NBA stars; they have a seemingly endless supply of tiny, almost gestural moves that can have a big impact on a kid’s cognition. They make split-second choices about how to introduce new ideas, speak in a way that resonates, order concepts for maximum comprehension, and reinforce ideas and skills. Those choices depend on the teacher’s reading of the subtleties of a specific situation.

Just like NBA stars, few are master teachers; we need more.