Most Apple Watch Apps Stink

Steve Kovach, Business Insider:

Just about every major app, from Twitter to Instagram to Starbucks, has an app for the Apple Watch. So far, there are about 3,500 apps available, and most stink.

There must be something different with me. Yesterday, I had a hunch my friend had purchased an Apple Watch and asked her to pull up her sleeve. There it was: a 38 mm Watch Sport with a white sport band. She shared what she liked about it and what she didn’t like about it.

Unfortunately, I can’t recollect most of the details except for one: she mentioned it was the best smartwatch she has worn. But what I realized later on, and what I later shared with my wife, was that there was absolutely no craving in my heart to get one. It was a strange realization because normally there would at least be a small tug in there somewhere saying, “You need to get one.” Weird. Maybe Apple Watch 2 will be more desirable. Maybe not.