The Elegance Of The Universe

Mitch Kirby:

Given all of these connected pieces of science, I can’t help but marvel at the elegance of the universe. Putting these pieces together opens up much deeper questions, ones that I can’t even hope to answer. Can life exist on a planet orbiting a star of a vastly different temperature? If it can, will life on this planet be incredibly different and optimized to the specific frequencies of light that are most prevalent? Could life exist at all if water had a different absorption spectrum that did not bottom out in the visible range? How much leeway on these physical properties does the universe give life, and do these properties all have to overlap? Will life find a way no matter what? Are these properties specifically designed to coexist perfectly, or do we just happen to exist on a planet, orbiting a star, in a galaxy, within a universe in which all of these things are possible? Are we only capable of asking these questions because all of these things are true to begin with?

The universe, the galaxy, the sun, our earth, us. A fantastic design I must say. That I can imagine, see, and proclaim, “Fantastic!” is itself fantastic.