The Answer To A Slow Web: Radical Simplification

Peter-Paul Koch:

The solution is simple: ditch the tools. All of them. (No, I’m not being particularly subtle here.) Teach the newbies proper web development. That’s it, really.


The web’s answer to the native challenge should be radical simplification, not even more tools.

There are a lot of tools — back-end and front-end development tools — out there. I don’t know most of them, but I do know this: what you see on a webpage is a fraction of what’s going on in the background.

DISPLAYBLOG is quite simple, a result of stripping away almost everything you’d consider standard on a website: about me page, contact page, categories, dates, archive, blogroll, advertisements (I do have a support link at the bottom), etc. I’d call that radical simplification, and it loads quickly, because there is nothing but content and a bit of CSS and fonts to load. But in the background it is built on a content management system called WordPress, which requires PHP and MySQL running a web server like Apache.

I don’t think I need all of that, so I’ve been looking for an even more radically simple solution, and I think I’ve found one: Jekyll. We’ll see what happens.