Microsoft Scales Back Windows Phone

Paul Thurrott:

The company that makes over 96 percent of all Windows Phone handsets in use just wrote off $7.6 billion related to its Windows Phone assets, and has announced plans to dramatically scale back its mobile operations. And, yes, Windows Phone has fallen to just 3 percent market share worldwide too. Things aren’t going well.

“The company” is Microsoft.

But could that mean Nadella wants to pair down mobile operations so Microsoft focuses on building just one Lumia Windows Phone? If so, that would be good.

Have Microsoft designers and engineers focus on making one Lumia mobile device and do what Toyota does: Identify your market segment. Establish the retail price. And work backwards. Microsoft could build the Hyundai Sonata of smartphones: reliable, good looking, and with everything you need without the fluff.

Let’s hope this is what Nadella has in mind for Windows Phone.