Self-Driving Car Subscription

I don’t want to own a car.

Instead, I want a car subscription: 500 miles per month for $50, or unlimited miles for more. I want a self-driving electric car that shows up when I need it. It knows:

  • where I need to be and when,
  • how cool or warm I like it,
  • the music I like listening to morning, noon, and night,
  • whether I like to look outside or not.

And add to that, I don’t

  • own it,
  • fix it,
  • wash it,
  • register it,
  • drive it,
  • park it,
  • pay insurance,
  • worry about running out of electricity.

And all the bad drivers here in Silicon Valley won’t piss me off anymore. With a self-driving electric car at my beck and call, I can relax. Getting somewhere will be pleasant again.