Microsoft Surface Book

[ Microsoft ] The Surface Book is a full-blown Wintel laptop and a full-blown Wintel tablet in one. And that dynamic fulcrum hinge!

[ Wired ] Margaret Rhodes:

The connective tissue between the Surface Book’s base and display is an isopod-like piece of aluminum that flexes back and forth thanks to four rotational points.

Unlike the pixel formats found in the iPad Pro (2732×2048) and 12-inch MacBook (2304×1440), the 13.5-inch 10-point multitouch LCD sports a clean 3000×2000 pixel format. I like that Microsoft took the effort to make it a nice, even, round number.

The Surface Book’s 267 ppi resolution is higher than the 13-inch retina MacBook Pro retina (227 ppi) and edges out the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (264 ppi).

Hardware isn’t everything, of course, but Microsoft is without a doubt innovating where it matters.