iPad Pro Display Review by Raymond Soneira

Raymond Soneira:

The iPad Pro display performed very well in all of our tests and measurements, earning Very Good to Excellent in all test categories, performing not quite as well as the iPad mini 4, but it came in or tied for second place in every test except True Contrast Ratio in 0 lux, where it is the definitive winner and marked Best with a record 1,631.

But in two test categories the Pro display was not quite stellar: first, since 2012 all of the iPad and iPhone displays have had near perfect Log-Straight Intensity Scales (something that no other manufacturer has yet been able to match), but on the iPad Pro there is a significant Intensity Scale bump and irregularity at and below 45 percent signal as shown in this Figure, a surprising calibration issue for an Apple display (but still better than most competing Tablets).

Second, in Absolute Color Accuracy the iPad Pro just barely qualified for a Very Good Green rating, just 6 percent from the cutoff, where it has Average/Maximum Color Errors of 2.6 and 6.6 JNCD, much better than the iPad Air 2, but no where near as good as the iPad mini 4, as shown in this Figure. If better Absolute Color Accuracy is important, then for this screen size consider the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Average/Maximum Color Errors of 1.9 and 4.1 JNCD – tied with the iPad mini 4 for the most Color Accurate Tablet that we have ever tested.

Soneira’s test results show the display on the iPad Pro is one of the best there is, only the iPad mini 4 is better and Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 when it comes to color accuracy. I’m somewhat surprised the iPad Pro’s display isn’t the best at everything. Isn’t one of Apple’s main target markets artists? With the big digital canvas and new Apple Pen? Artists need really accurate colors.