Moto 360 Sport

[ Ars Technical ] Valentina Palladino:

Unless you’re a hardcore Moto fan, there isn’t a strong enough reason to buy the Moto 360 Sport over other dedicated fitness watches, especially when many of them are more comprehensive and less expensive at the same time.

Recently I’ve been thinking a smartwatch or fitness band might be something that can help me get more fit, and be less reliant on my smartphone. The Moto 360 Sport is better than the non-Sport version for fitness, but seems to be a bit expensive for the limited things it can do.

I understand technical capability is not the only measurement of value for high-tech gear, but a smartwatch is by definition something that is smarter than your average watch. Telling time is a given — you look at it and it should show you the time — but other capabilities we expect are for it to capture biometric data such as heart rate, activity data such as distance walked, environmental data such as temperature, and allow you to easily and quickly triage emails, instant messages, and other types communications. The good ones will have an operating system that makes it easy for developers to create apps that integrate and analyze all that data to present information that helps you make better decisions.