Standing Desks May Help Your Brain Work Better

[ Ars Technica ] Beth Mole:

Following 27 high school freshman over one school year, researchers found that using a standing desk generally improved the kids’ neurocognitive test scores by seven to 14 percent. The tests, given both at the beginning and end of the school year, evaluated cognitive processes such as reasoning and working memory.

Nothing to lose. And just in time: a $25 (+$10 shipping & handling) portable standing desk called Oristand.

The Oristand is as simple as can be; you don’t need to assemble anything and for about 100% of users a manual is not necessary. The Oristand is made with industrial-grade cardboard — 100% recyclable — making it both light and strong. The origami-style design makes the Oristand fold flat when you’re not using it: when you want to give your back a little break from standing.

$35 to help my brain work better? Ordered!