Samsung Fixes Upside-Down S Pen Issue on Galaxy Note 5

[ Android Central ] Alex Dobie:

“Samsung can confirm that the Note5 internal S Pen mechanism has been changed to avoid the issue caused by inserting the S Pen incorrectly,” A Samsung spokesperson told Android Central. “As always, we recommend following proper instructions for storing the S Pen.”

In Samsung Galaxy Note 5: S Pen Warning! I quoted Samsung’s warning: if you put the S Pen stylus into the Note 5 the wrong way you can damage the stylus and the Note 5. I also noted it as a terrible user experience design. How did the product designers, user experience designers, etc. at Samsung think it a good design to allow the stylus to be inserted the wrong way? And if you do you might damage the stylus and the phone? And then warn the user? Absolutely absurd. I’m glad Samsung is fixing the problem, but it should never have been designed that way from the beginning.