Tim Cook Shows Courage on Encryption

John Gruber:

Tim Cook is right, and encryption and privacy experts are all on his side, but where are the other leaders of major U.S. companies? Where is Larry Page? Satya Nadella? Mark Zuckerberg? Jack Dorsey?

Apple is the only major tech company publicly defending unbreakable encryption against intrusive surveillance. Tim Cook is against designing in special backdoors for law enforcement.

[ The Intercept ] Jenna McLaughlin:

Apple CEO Tim Cook lashed out at the high-level delegation of Obama administration officials who came calling on tech leaders in San Jose last week, criticizing the White House for a lack of leadership and asking the administration to issue a strong public statement defending the use of unbreakable encryption.

Is it not common sense to conclude if backdoors are designed into encryption systems for law enforcement, those same backdoors will eventually get hacked by those who don’t give a damn about the law? Then you’ll end up with an encryption system that is virtually useless. Us regular folks will be the only ones to lose out.

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