Smarter Watches

[ re/code ] Walt Mossberg:

But my $700, stainless steel Apple Watch? If that somehow went away, I expect I’d stop missing it after a few days. Sure, it does just enough for me that I don’t feel terrible about buying it, or wish to get rid of it. But since I started wearing one after it launched last April, it just hasn’t become an integral part of my life. Unlike my phone, if I left my smartwatch at home one day, I wouldn’t drive back to get it.

I consider myself a technology early adopter. I make a calculated risk or investment expecting the new technology to have a positive impact on my life. Looking back at my life: PC XT in 1986 (upgraded to 256MB max RAM a year later — man did that boost the speed!), LCD laptop in 1992, Palm Pilot Professional with 1MB RAM in 1997 (I practiced and practiced my Graffiti) , Apple iPod in 2002 (the U2 version), Palm Treo smartphone in 2003 (and some other early smartphones like the Motorola Q), the Apple iPhone in 2007 (the day it hit Apple Stores on June 29), and the iPad in 2010. But the Apple Watch? I’m not interested. Why? I’m not convinced it will have a positive impact on my life, yet.

Back to Mossberg:

If the smartwatch can’t eventually do something smarter and more useful than it does now, it risks becoming a footnote.

In terms of just looks I prefer circular — not the 270-degree ‘circles’ in the Moto 360 or the Casio — smartwatches like the Garmin Fenix 3 and the Samsung Gear S2.