Windows Phone is Dying

[ The Verge ] Tom Warren:

Microsoft only sold 4.5 million Lumia devices in the recent quarter, compared to 10.5 million at the same time last year. That’s a massive 57 percent drop.

No wiggle room here; Windows Phone smartphone sales dropped. Actually it tanked. Windows Phone is dying and will soon die if Microsoft doesn’t do something about it, and soon. Warren does mention the rumor that Microsoft is working on a Surface Phone. If Microsoft is indeed working on a Surface Phone it should consider it a life or death situation for Windows Phone and make sure to do it well, exceptionally well.

Here’s what Microsoft needs to do: Surface Phone’s hardware needs to have the best camera, the best display, the best battery, all in the thinnest and lightest all-metal chassis. The Windows Phone operating system needs to be super powerful, super intuitive, and super cool. Microsoft needs to build a strong developer ecosystem and fast. Windows Phone needs a ton of awesome mobile apps. I’m sure all of you already knew this and I’m certain Microsoft knows it too.

But can Microsoft execute? I’m not so sure, but I hope so. I want Microsoft to be a viable alternative to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.