Identity Thieves Steal 100,000 E-file PINs From IRS

[ PC World ] Lucian Constantin:

Attackers attempted to obtain E-file PINs corresponding to 464,000 unique SSNs using an automated bot, and did so successfully for 101,000 SSNs before the IRS blocked it.

That sucks. Now what?

The IRS is notifying affected taxpayers via mail and will monitor their accounts to protect them from tax-related identity theft.

So before 101,000 E-file PINs were obtained by hackers the IRS was not monitoring and protecting our accounts from tax-related identity theft?

We have experienced a lot of major hacks recently and many of them were targeted at government sites. Our government with virtually unlimited resources have not been able to protect itself and as a result hundreds of thousands if not millions of government workers and citizens have been exposed to all sorts of identity theft-related mischief. Our lives can get seriously screwed up. My fingers are pointed at large corporations too, like V-tech and Target. I think it may be time we stop blindly putting our faith in our government to protect our sensitive information. Maybe it’s time we need to take control over protecting our own online identities. Is it possible?