ACLU Comment On FBI Effort To Force Apple To Unlock iPhone

[ American Civil Liberties Union ] Staff attorney with the ACLU Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project Alex Abdo::

This is an unprecedented, unwise, and unlawful move by the government. The Constitution does not permit the government to force companies to hack into their customers’ devices. Apple is free to offer a phone that stores information securely, and it must remain so if consumers are to retain any control over their private data.

The government’s request also risks setting a dangerous precedent. If the FBI can force Apple to hack into its customers’ devices, then so too can every repressive regime in the rest of the world. Apple deserves praise for standing up for its right to offer secure devices to all of its customers.

Would Apple customers the world over be okay if Apple developed a special device-limited time-limited iPhone operating system that can be used by the FBI to bruteforce crack only the iPhone 5c used by the San Bernardino, California terrorists?