Senator Ron Wyden: Backdoors Are Losers

[ The Daily Dot ] Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon):

“One of the reasons we got here is because the NSA overreached,” he said. “They overreached on [collecting phone and Internet] metadata, and the companies saw their consumers losing confidence, and the companies built strong encryption in order to respond to their consumers’ desire for both security and privacy. If the government overreaches now, and is able, as a matter of policy, to require companies to build weaknesses into their products—backdoors—I’m going to say, ‘Backdoors are losers.’ That will be the centerpiece of our argument on the floor of the Senate.”

The NSA overreached, the public reacted, and the companies provided. If the FBI wins against Apple and sets a legal precedent that forces Apple to design weakened systems to allow law enforcement a way in the backdoor, what happens then? Remember what happened to BlackBerry when governments started to get their way with the company’s secure communications systems? What will Apple do? What will we do? Go back to writing letters? Maybe, I don’t know.