Amazon On-The-Job Theft Deterrent

[ Bloomberg Businessweek ] Josh Eidelson & Spencer Soper:

In an effort to discourage stealing, Amazon has put up flatscreen TVs that display examples of alleged on-the-job theft, say 11 of the company’s current and former warehouse workers and antitheft staff. The alleged offenders aren’t identified by name. Each is represented by a black silhouette stamped with the word “terminated” and accompanied by details such as when they stole, what they stole, how much it was worth, and how they got caught—changing an outbound package’s address, for example, or stuffing merchandise in their socks. Some of the silhouettes are marked “arrested.”

Deep down most of us want to be better human beings today than who we were yesterday. Instead of shaming, Amazon should try inspiring: inspire warehouse workers to be people of integrity. That’s hard, but worthwhile. This? Isn’t.