Apple’s Craig Federighi: Washington Post Op-Ed About iPhone Security

[ The Washington Post ] Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple Craig Federighi:

That’s why it’s so disappointing that the FBI, Justice Department and others in law enforcement are pressing us to turn back the clock to a less-secure time and less-secure technologies. They have suggested that the safeguards of iOS 7 were good enough and that we should simply go back to the security standards of 2013. But the security of iOS 7, while cutting-edge at the time, has since been breached by hackers. What’s worse, some of their methods have been productized and are now available for sale to attackers who are less skilled but often more malicious.

The FBI, the Department of Justice, and other law enforcement organizations think it’s okay for iPhone users to have security that can be easily hacked. That’s messed up.