Microsoft Doesn’t Need Your Permission to Upgrade to Windows 10

[ Reddit ] If Windows gets away with installing a recent update it will automatically start the process of upgrading to Windows 10. Most of us running Windows 7 leave security updates to automatic, so that means Microsoft will download the entire Windows 10 installer — about 3GB in size — for you whether you like it or not.

Microsoft changed the Windows 10 installer download from optional to recommended in Windows Update. Optional updates are not automatically installed, but recommended updates are. Sneaky bastards. Once the update is installed Windows 10 will begin the install process.

I do not want Windows 10. Not because I don’t like Windows 10, but because Windows 7 is working just fine. Upgrading an operating system, especially Windows, can be wrought with all kinds of trouble. Drivers might not work. Old programs might not work the way they did on a previous Windows version. You’ll be spending hours upon hours hunting down drivers, if they exist at all for Windows 10. Then you need to unlearn and relearn how to do things in the new operating system. That impacts productivity for quite some time. All I want is an operating system that works, and Windows 7 works for me, so I don’t want Windows 10. But Microsoft doesn’t give a rip about what I want.

About a week ago, I got tired of Microsoft constantly nagging me to upgrade to Windows 10. Have you noticed the “Get Windows 10” icon? Want to know how to get rid of it? How-To Geek suggests a small freeware app called GWX Control Panel. What a relief not to be incessantly nagged by Microsoft to get something I don’t want. Good riddance!