The Verge Camera Shootout: Galaxy S7 Edge vs. iPhone 6S Plus

[ The Verge (YouTube) ] Which smartphone has the best camera? I thought it was the iPhone 6S Plus. But not according to The Verge.

  • Speed (launch + take photo): The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is faster. Double-tap the home button launches the camera app on the Galaxy S7 Edge. The 6S Plus requires a power button push, an upper flick, and tap on the camera app. The S7 Edge’s autofocus notices new objects introduced to the frame almost instantly. The iPhone 6S Plus hunts a bit.
  • Lens: f/1.7 front and back for the S7 Edge. The 6S Plus sports a f/2.2 lens. The S7 Edge is brighter and provides more bokeh.
  • Low Light: The S7 Edge bested the 6S Plus.
  • Color: The S7 Edge is sharper with a bit more contrast than the 6S Plus.
  • Slow Motion Video: The S7 Edge gives you many manual settings you can change easily. The 6S Plus not so much.

Bottom Line: The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge’s camera is better than the iPhone 6S Plus’s camera. Want to tune your photos? I do. Photos from the S7 Edge give you more detail to work with, and the folks at The Verge claims the S7 Edge’s camera is about a generation ahead of the 6S Plus. Apple has some catching up to do.