Apple iPhone 7 – Dual Cameras Confirmed?

[ Gizmodo ] Amazon accidentally went live with a page for iPhone 7 cases, accessories, and Bluetooth headphones. In one of the case photos — a Speck case to be more specific — the iPhone 7 has dual cameras. Other smartphones already feature dual cameras to enhance photo quality.

The LG G5 has two cameras. One is a regular 16 megapixel camera but the second camera is a 135-degree wide angle lens. The Huawei P9 pairs the second camera with a monochrome image sensor, which can capture more detail. Both photos are later combined.

It seems Apple will be announcing at least one iPhone 7 model — most likely the iPhone 7 Plus — with dual cameras. But how Apple will use the second camera to enhance photos is still a mystery.

Update: Confirmed. The iPhone 7 Plus has dual cameras. Two 12 megapixel cameras. One has a wide angle and the other has a 56mm telephoto lens. With dual cameras you can now 2x zoom, optically. With up to 10x digital zoom. I wonder how good the digital zoom is.

Digitally generated bokeh is available in Portrait mode. Looks impressive. This feature will come with an update later.