Paper Books or eBooks?

[ TreeHugger ] According to Pew Research Center’s survey that was conducted on March 7 through April 4, 2016 called “Book Reading 2016”:

  • 6% read only digital books
  • 28% read both print and digital books
  • 38% read only print books
  • 26% read no books

I read both print and digital books. Digital books I read are books I don’t plan to read completely, books that don’t require a lot of sustained focus. The print books I purchase and borrow from public libraries are books I plan to read from beginning to end. These books are books I not only want to read but to study and learn.

I prefer the experience of paper books. Not all paper, but good quality paper and books that are hard bound or leather bound. The physical experience of holding a paper book and flipping good quality pages as I read is superb. But I will say gliding my finger over smooth slick glass, reading on a display with millions of pixels I can’t distinguish is great too. I usually don’t mark up my paper books unless they are textbook or textbook-like books, but I almost always highlight and add notes on my e-books. Now let me tell you something: searching for my highlights or notes is something I seldom do, but the smart folks who study retention, learning, etc. say it helps when you read with a pen, pencil, or stylus. I think I remember better when I read paper books.

But 26% read no books?