Super Retina

I thought adding prefixes like Super to a sub-brand like Retina to a piece of technology to make it sound more awesome was something companies like Samsung did. Here is an hideous example: HD Super AMOLED Plus.

Unfortunately Apple is doing it too. I should have known this would happen eventually. The writing on the wall was when Apple added the Plus suffix to its larger-sized iPhone, in addition to the ‘s’ (to denote speed). Here: iPhone 6s Plus. Ugh.

If (when?) Apple introduces a larger iPhone X, and based on the company’s nomenclature up until this point, the larger iPhone X would probably be called iPhone X Plus. And, it would feature a Super Retina display.

“iPhone X Plus with Super Retina display.” Sounds uncomfortably similar to how Samsung marketing folks might go about naming their stuff.

Update 2017.09.16 10:50: It’s actually worse. I forgot the HD part. Apple calls the new OLED display in the iPhone X “Super Retina HD”. Terrible.