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Questions? We have answers.

What is a domain?
A domain name is provides a memorable, understandable way to connect people to websites and content online. Rather than having to remember a combination of numbers like, a domain name lets people type hover.com into their web browser instead.
How do I find a great domain name?
It’s easy! Just type a few keywords or your business name into our domain search and we’ll give you literally hundreds of different options that are available for registration.
Why would I want a domain name?
Think of a domain name as your online name or identity. Having a domain name that is yours allows you to establish a presence online and make a name for yourself.
How much does it cost to get a domain name?
It depends on the domain extension (the part to the right of the dot e.g. .com, .net or .pizza). Some domains can be registered for under $10/year, while others are more expensive. We’re always up front about the cost to register and renew each domain name when we show you what’s available.