No-Hassle renewals

Hover lets you quickly renew your domain without signing in for those times when you just need to get your domain renewed ASAP.

Relax with auto-renewal

Let us take care of renewing your domains. Enable auto-renewal, and we’ll give you a heads up in advance so you don’t have to worry about unexpected renewals.

Consolidate your domains and save!

Get a discount on your domain renewals with our volume discount plan. The more domains in your account, the more you save on renewals.

Built for you.

We’ve built a domain management platform that empowers domain experts with the tools they need, while still making things easy for those setting up their first domain.


Get things done with powerful, intuitive tools to help you manage your domains and DNS.


We make it easy for you to connect your domain name to the services that matter most to you.

Bulk Pricing

Buy a bunch of domains, get a break. Perfect for agencies and forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

Hundreds of top-level domains.

We offer over 300 Top-Level Domains, or domain name extensions, for you to choose from.

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We connect you to your favorite services.

We want you to use your domain name, so we make it easy to set up services. They're all just a few clicks away.

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Questions? We have answers.

Can I just let Hover automatically renew my domains?
You bet! In fact, we strongly suggest that you set all of your domains to auto-renew so you don’t have to worry about missing a reminder or forgetting to renew a domain and having your website go offline. We’ll send you a few reminders in the weeks and days before your renewal date to make sure you aren’t surprised when it’s renewed.
When can I renew a domain name?
You can renew a domain pretty much anytime. Renewing adds time to the end of the term, so if you want to renew a domain early, or renew for a few years at the same time, it just adds time to the end and you don’t lose any of the time you already paid for.