Apple Park

The new 175-acre campus has an official name: Apple Park. More than 12,000 employees will start moving into the building in April; Apple estimates the move-in to take more than six months. The long process will eventually be worth it: employees¬†will be surrounded by curved glass and have plenty of space — 2.8 million square feet — to work.

Apple Park Steve Jobs Theater

Today is Steve Jobs’ 62nd birthday and to honor his memory Apple will be christening the theater at Apple Park as Steve Jobs Theater (photo above). Quite fitting. Steve Jobs Theater is a 1000-seat 165-foot diameter circular auditorium surrounded by curved glass 20 feet tall. Beautiful, but with all that glass, I wonder how earthquake-resistant the buildings are. I hope quite.

Jony Ive:

We have approached the design, engineering and making of our new campus with the same enthusiasm and design principles that characterize our products.

Apple Park was designed in collaboration with Foster + Partners. Here are some tidbits:

  • 5 million square feet of asphalt & concrete was replaced with grassy fields and 9000+ drought-resistant native trees. (I am anxious for pollen-based allergy sufferers.)
  • Entirely powered by 100% renewable energy; its solar roof generates 17 megawatts of electricity. (I’m guessing there’s a bunch of large batteries somewhere, to power the giant building at night.)
  • World’s largest naturally ventilated building, projected to require no heating or air conditioning for nine months of the year. (Air filtration systems, I’m guessing, are fully operational 24/7.)

I cannot fathom the amount of natural and industrial resources required to have built this architectural marvel, but going forward I am relieved Apple Park will drastically decrease its consumption.

Although park is part of its name, Apple Park is mostly limited to Apple employees and those who visit to conduct business there, but an Apple Store and a cafe will be open to the public. I intend to go sample the coffee there as soon as possible.

Source: Apple